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ruta ideal para mountain bike

Description: This route has 2 options. Option A has a very high phisical difficulty; and option B has a high phisical difficulty. By contrast in both options the technical difficulty is low, since the whole route is a track. However we must be careful in the last descent 5 km because there are some riverbeds.

Option A: It begins going up throug the Candeleda nunnery, and we will have an ascent of 11 km and elevation gain of 730 m. At the first 5 km we find very tough ascent sections by track, where we will have peaks of up to 16 %. Once we arrive to the top, we will enjoy amazing views of Gredos, of La Vera and of Montes de Toledo. The descent will be by the same way we went up.

Option B: Since it is not signposted it is higly recommended to take the track with you or to study the map in advance. We will go by road from Candeleda towards Poyales del Hoyo for 4,5 km. When we crossed the Muelas river we will follow a track, which will join with option A. From there we will ascent to the Torreta de Las Portillas. This option is much more manageable, as the ascent is 15,2 km and it has 640 m of elevation gain. It is beautiful to see on Autumn and col don Summer bucause it runs through oaks and chestnut trees shades. Furthermore, along the route you will find two fountains. The descent will be by the same as in option A.



FICHA las vegas
R2 las vegas
FICHA las vegas
R2 las vegas





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