icono piragua candeleda gredos

The canoe activity is a controlled sport in this area, so we can performance canoeing with a private company, which can be found in the “Candeleda and El Raso” section, in the tab of “Other tourist services”.

Therefore, it is not allow to go to the Pantano del Rosarito with our private conoe. The reason for such a demanding regulation is due to the fact that the Pantano del Rosarito and its sourrondigs are designated as Z.E.P.A. zone (It's the Special Bird Protection Area). In this area we can find the black stork, among other spieces.

This company offers a wide range of activities:

Family outings with calm conditions.

Downstream descents for beginners on the Tiétar river.

Whitewater for the more adventure seekers that are looking for adrenaline and maximun challange.

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