ruta raso chilla


ruta ideal para mountain bike

The route is to climb up to El Nogal from Candeleda and then going down the famous "trialera" (it is a technical stretch of a path, which is marked by a steep slope and an irregular ground with stones, steps, roots, ruts, etc., that requires a high level of technique and skill.) La Bajada del Guerrero. The ascent is 17 km on a very easy track, with an average gradient of 4,5 % and you reach an altitude of 1.100 m. You will only find one really tough climb, which exceeds 10 %, for about 1 km, called La Custa de Quebrantacarretas. Once you reach the end of the track you have two options: to go down again by the same place or, if you are technically good, we recommend you to go down the "trialera" because it is a real pleasure.

In this climb before reaching El Nogal, you will find a junction where, if you turn off for 1 km, you can reach the refugio Albarea . This option is very good for those who do not have the strength to reach El Nogal.

Recommendations: You can do this route in any season. There are fountains and a small mountain hut at the top of the hill. The only thing to keep into account is that in autumn the descent is a little covered and you have to go down with more caution. The difficulty of the route would be very high if we go down the "trialera" or medium in case we go down the track.  



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