icono actividades nieve candeleda gredos

Candeleda is located at 400 m high and because of that it is not usuak to snow here, and when it snows, it is not enough in order to performance snow activities. This height allows us to stay here with a kind climate on winter. Furthermore, these weather conditions allow us to go to closed áreas from Gredos in order to performance these activities.

The best access options:

1. The easiest way would be to go with our car to the Plataforma de Gredos, located about 75 km away and, from there to make a snowshoeing or ski touring trip to Morezón or Laguna Grande, for example. Or even just stay in the area of Prao Puerto, enjoying the activity.

2. For those who are fitter and want a full day adventure, you can access through the Puerto de Candeleda walking and, once there you can do these activities. In the area of Prao Puerto, or the path that leads to the Laguna Grande, are very good places for such activities. To reach the Puerto de Candeleda we can walk up from the village of Candeleda, or to drive up to the Albarea refuge and then continue walking to the port.

3. There are other ways to access from the Jornillo area (located in El Raso), but these areas are generally more difficult to access.Of course, there are also areas in Gredos for ice climbing and high mountain snow traverses, but in this case they are activities for experts and require extensive knowledge, fitness and planning.

4. We can also access from the village of Guisando, through the Nogal del Barranco, to the area of Galayos and La Mira, where we will find the Refugio Victory and where we can enjoy a traverse with crampons. This area is much more complicated physically and technically than the one that we mentiones before.

We want to emphasize that any activity in high mountain requires that each person is previously informed of the weather conditions, the characteristics of the activity and of course to bring the appropriate material. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of a specialized guide.